Can't bind arrow keys on AZERTY keyboard

I'm currently trying a way to change inputs in game, and to do that, i've created an InputAction in order to detect any key from any controller (keyboard/gamepad):

anyKey = new InputAction(binding: "/*/<button>"); 
anyKey.performed += AnyKey_performed;

I'm aware it's pretty ugly, but if you know a better way to do it, i'll take it with joy :)

Anyway, this system is working pretty much well, except for arrow keys.
When I press an arrow key, the key detected is "/Keyboard/printScreen" (for every arrow key).
BUT, I've also found a strange behaviour: when I quickly change arrow keys (like alternate right/left, or left/up...), one arrow key got the "/Keyboard/printScreen" but the other got the correct name detected.

Do you have any way to fix this ?

For information, I'm using an AZERTY keyboard and I've no problem with using arrow keys dirrectly in UI, it's only when I try to detect an arrow key on binding "/*/

Can you submit a bug report for this, with a repro case and a description of which platform you are seeing this on?

Here’s the issue: Can't bind arrow keys on AZERTY keyboard · Issue #755 · Unity-Technologies/InputSystem · GitHub
Tell me if you need more informations.


I have the same error and I'm using Input System Version 1.0.0. When I do the strategy (with the arrowDown key) mentioned here:

the state of the arrowDown key and the printScreen key is 1.

Is there another trick to it? Does it has something to do with the keyboard layout (qwertz, qwerty, ...)?