Can't build a the project from Unity for Universal Windows Platform

I created a Unity project and used the ROS-TCP-Connector package to communicate between Unity and ROS.

I followed the first three steps from here:

It works fine on Unity and messages are sent from Unity to ROS, but as soon as I build the project from Unity, to open it in Visual Studio, it gives me the following errors in Unity:


These are the build settings I am using:


Hey @smrazarizvi96 , our packages are not actively supporting UWP builds, which is causing those error messages during the build process. However, there is a simple workaround to resolve these compilation errors--you can move the ROS TCP Connector package into an editable directory (e.g. ./Packages) and turn on UWP build support in the package's asmdef in the Inspector.

You can find the more detailed workaround in this resolved Github issue!

Hello @amanda-unity , Yes I resolved the issue by myself using a similar method.
Thank you.