Can't Build and Run because of device qualifier name

This is the error I get.

Error building Player:
CommandInvokationFailure: Unable to
retrieve device properties. Please
make sure the Android SDK is installed
and is properly configured in the
Editor. See the Console for more
-s M4 SS1060 shell getprop

(Aside from help text from the adb).

I’ve seen this question being answered at least 2 times, but the solutions don’t seem to work for me. adb finds my device properly, but it seems that when running that line in the command prompt:

D:/Programas/Development/sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe -s M4 SS1060 shell getprop

It doesn’t work. Now, I got it to work, in the command prompt, by adding some quotation quotes (I guessed the space in the name had something to do, and I was right):

D:/Programas/Development/sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe -s "M4 SS1060" shell getprop

That way I do get the properties like I guess they should be. But that doesn’t help, because I can’t say Unity to add quotes around the device name (or haven’t found where).

I’ve actually tested my “game” in my device by manually copying/installing it, but that defeats the purpose of having the convenience of the Build & Run option. And it’s not like a problem with the device because I’ve built and run other test applications with, say, Eclipse and LibGDX.

So, any help will be greatly appreciated, because this really bugs me.

Someone had the same problem over here. If you scroll down “SeAlKh” has the same problem. I guess it’s a bug in the Unity editor. They probably didn’t think that the device name can have spaces.

You should file a bugreport (Help → Report A Bug) and explain exactly what the problem is. Keep in mind they always try to reproduce the problem so make sure you add your exact device information and tell them that only devices with spaces in their name will cause that problem.

You might also want to add the link to this question as reference, so they might answer back once they fixed it.