Can't build, stuck in Converting managed assembiles to c++

I have upgraded my project version from 2020.3.43 to 2021.3.21. And now I can’t build iOS in new version of Unity, when I’m building Unity stucks at the moment "Converting managed assembiles to c++".

Firstly, I even waited too long, 9 hours. But seemly, it was frozen.

When I updated into new version, I also updated IAP packages, Dependency Resolver

Tried iOS resolve, change settings, Reimport, Switch to another platform, then again Switch to iOS and etc.

I already have tried

but it didn’t help.

Also, there is not any error in Editor Log file.

I’m building XCode workspace file in my Windows operation system, so gem install and gem uninstall didn’t help me. Firstly, I just want to build XCode workspace, then I copy this workspace and build on MacBook.

If anyone knows, please help.