Can't build the game with realsense+nuitrack

I use the nuitrack and realsense for my game, when I play it in the unity everything goes right, but after building it as an application the realsense camera doesn’t work at all.

By doing the development build and here is the player log.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks a lot!

I figure it out. Just simply build it with x64 architecture in Unity. Probably the reason is RS wrapper for Unity (or for c#?) does not support 32-bit environment.

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Unfortunately I am facing the same problem, which is so confusing. I am using Realsense T265, Leapmotion and Unity 2019.3.3, and the program runs smoothly and correctly when I Play it in Unity the engine, but after building, the RS T265 doesn’t work. I have also tried the SLAM sample which can be found here librealsense/wrappers/unity at development · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub, and it goes wrong either after buidling. This Page is the only thing I can find about this problem. I don’t think there is any hope to solve this BUG since there is too little people using RS with C#/.NET, especially with Unity.