Can't Call Upon "global" for

Hello all.

I have a very simple problem that is making me feel very stupid.

I have a simple script, the script itself does not really matter. What matters is I’m getting a parsing error. At the top of the script I was calling upon a public class to use “Trigger” like so:

EDIT: For anyone wondering I was way over thinking this. I wish I could delete my post. I feel like I’m a waste of server space at this time. It was so simple. I was supposed to use public class TriggerManager* for my MonoBehaviour. I had two scripts that work alongside each other, and one uses a Trigger class, the other uses a TriggerManager class. I named the TriggerManager class just Trigger. Hence why I was getting the error I was. Sorry for wasting the peoples time who looked at this question. Maybe this will help someone who is as foolish as I was in the future.

public class Trigger : MonoBehaviour 

However once my code compiled I got an error saying that “the namespace ‘global namespace’ already contains a definition for Trigger.” What’s weird is I can’t call upon “global” to make global namespace happen. When I put “global namespace” in any way shape or form I get a parsing error for global, as it had no completions found. For example:


This is surprisingly giving me a very hard time. I’m sure someone knows exactly what’s going on here. It feels to me like it’s painfully simple to solve, but I’m just not seeing the solution. Thanks for your time!

Don’t use ‘Trigger’ as the public class name