Cant change color of an image with custom sprite

I tried to make custom cross-hair but when i set texture type as 2D and UI and then put the sprite of the cross-hair in UI image I couldn’t change the color of it even in inspector. I cant even change the color as sprite. Its png file…

Thank you for answer.

It’s working now. I just needed to make the image white.
Now I can change the color of it in unity…
Thank you all for your help :slight_smile:

You should share code or screenshots, but I’ll try to guess the problem:

If you’re changing the sprite through script, you should use overrideSprite rather than sprite

// buggy
image.sprite = mySprite;

// should work
image.overrideSprite = mySprite;

which version of unity do u use? are you making game 2d or 3d? that is a UI object or gameobject