Can't change editor theme on Plus account

I recently started going back to my office after quarantine and loaded up my project. For some reason when Unity loaded up (despite not having used this machine in months), it defaulted to the light theme. I went to my preferences to change it and the Editor Theme option is greyed out and set to personal.

I checked my license in Unity Hub and sure enough it is set to Plus (it had signed out, I guess due to inactivity but signing in again solved nothing).

I’ve tried restarting, both the editor, the hub and my machine multiple times. I can’t seem to figure out the issue at all.

Ugh ok it looks like it was because I had my home PC activated along with my macbook and I guess Unity maybe changed the number of machines a license can be on? That’s pretty frustrating since I work from all three but I guess I at least have my answer.