Can't Change Scenes When Built

Hi, I just recently ran into a major problem in my project. It seems that I just cannot switch scenes on a built project. I am using buttons from my main menu to switch to the different scenes, like any other game. When ran in the editor, it works fine, but when I build it to any platform, simply nothing happens when you click the buttons that would normally work in the editor. I have tried updating Unity to the newest patch, trying to build from another computer, nothing works. Any help would be awesome, thanks!

Do you have your scenes set up in your build settings?

@Mergster Yes, in the editor it works fine.

Did you solve your problem? Having exactly that now…

Build in debug mode so you can see the errors in the console, it’s likely an exception is being thrown. If you can find out what the error is it will be easier to find help.

If the console is not showing a single error that would be very unusual, scenes can fail to load ‘under the hood’ in built vs editor due to asset size limits and things like that but you’d expect a crash in that case.