Can't change TileMap tile height when painting

Hi, I’m using Unity’s Tilemap feature with an Isometric Z as Y layout, swizzle XYZ, very similar to the official examples Unity provided. In Unity 2018.4, this all works properly - no problem!

Today I upgraded to Unity 2019.2 and started using the LWRP. The project upgrade went fine (everything still works) but I can’t now I can’t use the - and = shortcuts to edit tile height while painting! I tried remapping them to different shortcut keys in case there was a conflict, but it had no effect.

Tiles previously painted in my tilemap that used height still work and display properly, so the results of this feature work fine, but the shortcut to change tile height doesn’t.

TLDR; Tilemap’s Grid Painting > Increase Z / Decrease Z is no longer working as of a 2019.2 upgrade. How can I get it working again?

Ok, turns out Tiles Z “Can change Z-Position” is just hidden and locked in 2019.2 onwards!

Here’s a gif: alt text