Can't click on Input fields.

That’s it. I click on the input field, and nothing happens. I can’t input anything, or delete stuff. The cursor thing doesn’t even appear. When I hover over it, it doesn’t change color. A script makes it active/inactive frequently, so that might have something to do with it, but I don’t think so. I didn’t do anything weird, and nothing is blocking it. Interactive is checked. What’s going on?

Link to previous question, when only half of it was unresponsive:

This is the script that makes it active/inactive

creationGUI.SetActive(true); and creationGUI.SetActive(false); The input fields are within creationGUI. There are five input fields there, but only four have this problem. The fifth works.

Maybe your scene is missing an EventSystem object. Add it under Hierarchy > create > UI > EventSystem (Redirect to... title of new-page)

It’s responsible handling Input events and you are therefore not able to click on components like buttons, inputfields etc. in the specific scene if it’s missing.

It might be underneath another UI element and thus not clickable. Make sure there are no panels overlapping it on the canvas hierarchy.

Okay something was blocking it, I just didn’t see it because it was the border of a text box that was too big. Way to go, me.