Can't click the game window

The game window of Unity isn’t working for me any longer- I can’t click anything in it, no matter what tool I’m using. I can still add objects, go into testing and play it and such, but I can no longer move or manipulate any objects, nor select them except from the hierarchy menu. I even tried restarting, starting a new scene, and reinstalling, but that didn’t fix it.

Well, you have 2 windows:

  • scene view: which allows you to click, drag, drop, build as you like
  • game view: which allows nothing but to see what’s rendered by your camera. When you enter play mode you can fully play (as much as you developped the interactions)

So i don’t see what you’re looking for out of play mode in the game view, maybe you’re juste confusing with scene view ? If you’ve lost the scene wiew, just go in the ‘window’ drop down menu then click ‘scene’ !

Yeah, looks like the scene window had disappeared and I didn’t notice. It’s fixed now, feeling embarrassed I had to resort to this in the first place. Thanks regardless