Can't close Avatar Configuration

Using 2018.2.12 - clicked on another object accidentally in Avatar Configuration - Bone Settings.
Now my main scene is the Avatar Config one - with the cloned mesh.
Restarting/reloading/creating another empty scene and reloading the main / re-entering Avatar Configuration … nothing works.

Is there a way to dismiss the ‘Avatar Configuration’ scene and get back my ‘real’ scene.

Thank you in advance, if anyone knows a trick fix this.

This is bad UI design I think. I ran into the same issue on 2019.3 … you have to:

  1. Click on “Muscles & Settings” (next to the selected"Mapping" button with the 2D image of the green humanoid) on the right Inspector panel.

  2. Then select “Done” in the bottom-right of that Muscles & Settings panel.

There really needs to just be an ‘X’ to close this thing or something simpler…

Yes this is an old question, but it’s still an existing UI flaw. Hopefully this helps someone else with the same issue.

I’ve been there before… now I need to get back there and have no idea how I got there in the first place. I wanna see the bones again but can’t.