Can't compile script from Scripting Tutorial (translated to Boo)

Hi, I can't compile the following code inside Unity editor (unity 3.1 free, windows 7 HP). It says:

Assets/,60):BCE0005: Unknown identifier: '_speed'. Assets/,58):BCE0005: Unknown identifier: '_speed'.

I can't understand what's wrong with it...


import UnityEngine

class Movement (MonoBehaviour):

    public _speed = 5.0

    def Start ():

    def Update ():
        x = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") * Time.deltaTime * _speed
        z = Input.GetAxis("Vertical") * Time.deltaTime * _speed
        Transform.Translate(x, 0, z)


Your code as is is fine except the last line, which should be transform instead of Transform.

Not entirely sure why it's complaining about _speed - try relaunching unity perhaps?

Ok, I recreated the project from scratch and it just works. No more variable/Transform issues.

I always have this problem. In Boo, I never set a public or private before a variable as this has ALWAYS caused compile errors. In my opinion Boo is a broken language, and I would switch to c# or JS unless you have to use Boo for some reason. In addition to better support and resources, they can also aid you if you ever decide to be a computer science major or get a programming job.