Can't create a new project in Unity 5.6

Hey guys,

I’ve recently installed Unity 5.6 and I’ve noticed today that I can’t seem to create a new Unity project. I am not sure if this is a known problem with the most recent version of Unity, as I can’t seem to find any posts on here that are similar to my problem. Whenever I open an older project of mine and try to create a new project from the ‘file’ tab, Unity just closes and (probably) stops working. However, I don’t get an error message or anything. I already reinstalled Unity, but I still get the same issue. Now, I am quite sure this has nothing to do with my computer not being powerful enough. Also, Unity isn’t showing up in my task manager anymore.

Hopefully, someone knows the solution.

Thanks in advance!

I have same problem like you. in the start/new project window, the “New” and “Learn” button can’t click.

but I resolve it.

follow me, let’s go!

  1. start Unity.
  2. in the start window, sign out your account.
  3. re login.
  4. then you can create new project.
  5. if not, quit the Unity then retry.

Hi, I found a solution that works for me (I was stuck on previously loaded project, could not create new one nor load another one) :

I deactivated MalwareBytes.
I also deactivated Windows Defender, but it does not seem to be the problem as everything works fine when reactivated.

Reactivating MalwareBytes prevents unity from loading new projects. I did not search further (maybe only one module of MB is in cause).

Exactly same problem here, did you also update to Windows Creator Update @SjorsJessen?

Hey Aymeric,

As far as I know I didn’t. Did it update automatically? And did the update cause the issue for you?



my solution to this was to reinstall unity in C drive rather than D which seemed to oddly solve the problem

short answer: your unity version is corrupted install it again or install another one
Long answer: the thing is that when creating a new project untiy hub asks the unity version to create becuase the project has to have a version but if the unity version is corrupted then it wont create anything
i hope this sloves ur problem ---------------------------------------------------------
BTW am 13 yrs old and i’d be happy to solve such a big problem that nobody has!

Hello i think i have same problem, I have been trying to create a project in unity for more than 3 months, however it is impossible, I have already downloaded the program many times, deleted the history and all associated folders, installed previous versions, and the same problem simply appears . When you click the create button, an error window appears and closes automatically, then the window to report a bug appears, however, they do not know why this happens.
Note: the exclamation mark always appears saying that I do not have the correct version installed, but I just created the new project with the installed version.