Can't delete files in plugins android folder

My original problem stems from building for android and getting a
Failed to repackage resources error.
I realize I probably have some conflicting jar or aar files in the plugins android folder.

The two android plugins I am using are the Chartboost sdk and Googlemobileads sdk. (chartboost and admob).

I haven’t been able to correct this issue because i can’t delete the files in the attached image. Doesn’t seem to matter what I do to delete them, the files keep coming back.
I tried deleting in Unity.
I tried deleting in finder.
I tried closing down unity and deleting the files in finder.
Every time they come back.
Unity 5.3.4 on a Mac with OSX 10.11.4

Your problem seems familiar to me “can’t delete files”. I´d recommend that you use Long Path Tool, this program is definitely for you.
Its an outstanding software I have ever used and you can easily fix file errors with this software.