Cant destroy object, dont know how to fix help pls

Im not even sure how to search for this but my code:
var Player : Transform;
var Item : GameObject;

function OnCollisionEnter2D(coll: Collision2D) {
	if( == "Player")
		var t = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player").transform;
		child = t.Find("Item(Clone)");
		if (child != null) {
			Destroy(child); //this here needs help
				var Item = Instantiate(Item) as GameObject; {
				Item.transform.parent = Player;
				gameObject.transform.parent = Player;

it cant destory the item and the console says:
Can’t destroy Transform component of ‘Player’. If you want to destroy the game object, please call ‘Destroy’ on the game object instead. Destroying the transform component is not allowed.