Can't destroy object

Am i too annoyed already to think right? Because I CAN’T DO THIS! Ahh i am so furious! I am literally trying to figure out what am i doing wrong and i can’t anymore ‘-’

I want to make a prefab/object be deleted after a few seconds. Like, 1… 2… 3… it doesn’t exists anymore. But i can’t. I receive a “Uknkown Identifier” error everytime i change the “gameobject” in the script to “suit”.
SUIT is the name of the thing i want to destroy. If i just leave the line Destroy.gameobject as gameobject, it will not be destroyed. What’s wrong?

Here’s my script. It’s in Javascript. Sorry if i did not explain right, but i am really angry right now. It’s kinda ridiculous. Oh, the pragma strict actually have a # but i had to delete it in this text bcs it would stay giant and in bold

pragma strict

var delay = 2.0; //This implies a delay of 2 seconds.

function WaitAndDestroy(){
yield WaitForSeconds(delay);
Destroy (gameobject);

Not sure how you should be using Coroutines in Javascript so here is a solution using invoke

Invoke("DestroySelf", 2);

function DestroySelf() {

If that doesn’t work there is probably something else going on and I suggest posting your whole script as well as the line numbers that the errors are on.