Can't download from Asset Store

I literally just downloaded Unity3D less than 24 hours ago. I started the learning tutorials, but have only been able to complete the first one (Roll-a-Ball). This is due to an issue I am having trying to download the assets for the next one (Space Shooter). Whenever I click “Download Assets” it takes me to the Asset Store page and gives me an “Open in Unity” option. After clicking that, it opens Unity along with the Asset Store (accessed from the pop up when you first open Unity). The problem is that it only shows a blank window and an error at the bottom left of my screen saying: “failed to create 2d texture”. Why is it doing this, and how do I fix it?

Turn off the “use proxy” option in Internet Explorer. It solved the problem for me. The issue is not with your computer it’s with unities servers. Your other option would be to click on “prefabs” or “textures” or something and click on Asset Store right above the assets. Then just type in the asset you want to download (in the search box) if you have any questions just ask.

So after two days of frustration, I realized that I had a pending system update. After updating and reopening the Unity program, the Asset Store now opens without any problems. I’d like to thank everyone for your help and appreciate all of the recommendations. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Open the asset store from within Unity.
Go to Windows->Asset Store and it will open a winow inside the editor.

It’s pretty much the same as the Asset Store webpage, but it will let you import the assets directly.

I have a problem with unity. I have the 5.4.1 version and when I try to download a 2d pack it brings some kind of pop up that tells me to get unity 4.0 or higher. And through the browser it says open in unity. Please help.