Can't download Unity: "Internet connection lost. Please re-connect and click retry."


Every time I try to download and install Unity I receive the following message part way through the download:

“Internet connection lost. Please re-connect and click retry.”

I have tried downloading multiple times, but it never gets to the end. I know my internet is fine as I have downloaded many other things and done multiple speed connection tests. I also found others with this issue, they recommended to download the torrent, though I’m not sure what they are referring to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Yes, I would greatly like to be able to successfully resume download if I need to break and restart my internet connection. Particularly when my bandwidth is nearing dial-up slowness.


looks some people solved this problem by installing the unity in another folder , me did not work, and he keeps giving me this problem .

I have helped you = )

you may as well log in or keep your account alive and then try and try again. As to me, I have tried mutiple times and end up succeeding.