Cant drag and drop camera or audio listener

Hi. I’m following an fps tutorial by Brackeys (Making a Multiplayer FPS in Unity (E03. Networking Intro) - uNet Tutorial - YouTube), and i’m about 25 minutes in. I’m told to create an array of behaviors to disable, and then in the inspector drag and drop in two scripts and then the camera and the audio listener for that camera. When i try to drag in the camera or audio listener, it just gives the no symbol and wont let me. I’ve tried a whole bunch of things including changing the inspector to debug mode, but nothing seems to work. :frowning:

Turns out i was trying to drag the camera from the player object in the scene to the player prefab object’s inspector. All i had to do was select the player object in the scene rather than the prefab and drag the camera into the inspector.

i was Following Brackeys tutorial too and i found a way to do it just add it to the player object not to the prefab and than go up in the inspector and in the overrides dropdown panel click “Apply all”