Cant drag imges from the assets folder to the scene

I,m beginner in this engine & i have watched lots of videos shows ppl drag images from the assets folder and drop it in the scene area and start working normally. When i tried that, the mouse turned into X sign as if i am not allowed to drag anything into the scene area. i tried using 3d mold from the Blender engine and it was working fine. i tried to reinstall it but no luck :frowning: is there something wrong with my sittings or maybe permissions of the win explorer ?? I’m using Unity 4.5.5 with Win 8.1

Click on your image. Look in the inspector view. Change the Texture type from 2D to Sprite (2D and UI). Images can’t be added to the scene, sprites can be. Therefore, convert it to Sprite first.

I think that was the easiest fix to the problem.

If you are using 2D, first you have to convert the file. In the inspector window, Texture type to “sprite (2d and UI)” and then scroll down and hit apply.@Nony1990

I think you’re dropping the image into an empty universe.

You need to create some surfaces like mesh/quad for the images to apply to.

You cannot drag an image in 3D mode because in 3D mode they are not treated as sprites (which are game objects in 2D mode). So you can only drag textures or materials in 3D mode directly from your assets folder into your scene. What you can do is maybe drag the image on some game object which will then act as a texture on that game object (if that makes sense) !!