Can't Edit Curves Of Particle System

I’m trying to mess with the curves of the shuriken particle system but I can’t seem to edit any of them. When I click on them the line in the inspector turns red but I don’t see any popup or anything. Am I missing something?

The curve editor is at the bottom of the inspector below the ParticleSystem. Just like a preview window for models. It is labeled: “Particle System Curves”. You may need to grab the line with text on it and drag it up to show its content.

If your particle system is a “prefab” you may need to “open prefab” to see the curves menu. Thats what worked for me.

I had the same problem.
Turns out I just had to drag up the curve editor from the bottom of the screen.

Double-click the line to create additional keypoint. Then drag it to form the shape you need. Right-click menu allows to tune line behaviour near selected key.

Although being called particle system curves, it is in fact the curves of different properties of the particle system, e.g. Size over Lifetime curve, Size by Speed curve. So to see a real line(curve) in your Particle System Curves window, just clicking the Particle System GameObject in your Hierarchy view is not sufficient, you need to click one of those listed under Particle System Component in Inspector view.

The Editor tries to update the particle system as you attempt to move the node of the curve so if you don’t have the latest computer there is a 20 second wait for the node to move a very small increment. It doesn’t even move the curve to where you dropped it with the mouse. Crap Editor UI coding on Unity’s part… The Unity engine and particles run fine on my PC in Editor and standalone build.
It also seems like you can’t change the curves via script although you can interface them. Wonderful, just wonderful.

thanks this helped me :slight_smile: