can't enable and then disable an object via Animation window in unity2017!!!

I could enable an objects for example at frame 10 and then disable it at frame 15 , but In unity 2017
if I enable it at any frame , it will enable in all frames.
how can I solve this problem? I want to enable Kicker Object at frame 10 and disable it at frame 15.
[in frame 0 to 10 it should be disable]

If your gameObject has a Sprite Render component, it will add a Sprite property with Enable in the Animation window, you can use it.
Also keep in mind, you should keep the enable attribute constant when the animation ends (if you disable it, you should enable it before the end of the clip).
The reason for this is that if you change from Idle to Run, if you disable the Sprite in Idle, and you do not overwrite it in Run, it will also be disabled in Run.