Can't enable canvas

I can’t seem to enable a Canvas what so ever. I watched a video(more than 10 times) and followed everything EXACTLY. And I ended up with this script. The Canvas.enable = false; and Canvas.enable = true; does not seem to be functioning.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;

public class PauseMenu : MonoBehaviour 
	public Canvas pausemenu;
	public Button pause;
	public Button restart;
	public Button cont;
	public Button quit;
	public Button mainMenu;
	void Start()
		pausemenu = pausemenu.GetComponent<Canvas> ();
		pause = pause.GetComponent<Button>();
		restart = restart.GetComponent<Button> ();
		cont = cont.GetComponent<Button> ();
		quit = quit.GetComponent<Button> ();
		mainMenu = mainMenu.GetComponent<Button> ();
		pausemenu.enabled = false;

	public void PauseGame()
		pausemenu.enabled = true;

@meat5000 is right, you need to use SetActive(bool state) instead of .enabled

Why ? Because .enabled deals with components only and SetActive() with gameobjects only !

Code is then:

public void PauseGame () {

You need to go back to the GameObject with .gameObject since pausemenu is a component. If pausemenu was a GameObecjt, you wouldn’t need this step and just have to use .SetActive()