Can't enable script from other script


I have a game object with two scripts attached.
The one being choice.cs, The other - choiceManager.cs.

choice.cs is turned off (it’s ticked off in the inspector window).
I want to turn it on inside choiceManager’s start method so I have

void start() {
   GetComponent<choice> ().enabled = true;

but this doesn’t work.

What can be the problem?

I just tried it and everything is working fine (assuming i know what you want it to do), Could you be more specific when you say it dosint work? Do you get any error messages, or does choice.cs just not turn on when the game starts?

What i’m thinking could be the problem is something in choice.cs is turning itself off when the game starts while choiceManager is trying to turn it on, if choice.cs is empty and choiceManager only has that 1 line of code everything should work fine though.

Your Start function must be Capitalized. void Start()