Can't Export Android App bundle (I'm using Virtual Scripting)

Hi, i am a student from germany and just tried to programm my own game.

So i watched a YouTube Video for help building a game in Visual Scripting. He said to do some several things like change project settings and yea i did. First i couldn’t export the game because of some errors that i don’t remember anymore.

Then i thought ‘hey what about just exporting it in webgl so i can publish it on websites’ and yes i changed it in webgl. after that it worked well, except of crashing when tapping on the screen, but that wasn’t a big deal for me.

after some time i decided to turn it back and then the complete thing just yelled at me because of reasons i don’t understand.

The picture shows all of the errors after i try to export the game as an aab (as i’m trying to publish it on google play store, and yes i bought the google console license).

My current goal is just to export it as an aab. second, fixing all the game glitches.

can someone help me? would appreciate that lovely.