Can't export model from blender to Unity

I have a model in Blender and when I export it to the fbx/3dx and then open it in Unity, I don’s see what I want.

I am new in Blender, what can be wrong?

You have to apply any scaling/rotating/moving you did in blender in object mode.
Please see Apply Object Transformations

Just do this before saving/exporting and it should be fine.

As maccabbe said, your normals are facing the wrong direction.

To solve this you need to open the model with blender, select the model, enter “Edit Mode” (press tab), go to “Shading / UVs” which is under “Tools” on the left side of the screen, select all vertices by pressing A and press the “Recalculate” button.

yea, you have incorrect normals. if you hit “n”, then in edit mode go down to Mesh Display, then under normals select the box with an orange face, and it will display what side the normals are on by a blue line. I always do this, as it really helps. If you don’t see a blue line in the middle of the face, flip the face under tools, shading / UVs and with the face selected, click flip direction. Hope this helps!