Can't figure out how to code equipment slots

I’m trying to make the item icon in my equipment slots show up when an item is equipped, and I can’t find a way to reference the other scripts in my EquipSlot script. I tried maybe referencing it as an instance in the Equipment script, but it gave me an error.
EquipSlot Script:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class EquipSlot : MonoBehaviour {

EquipmentSlot equipSlot; //Slot to store equipment in

public Image icon;
public Button removeButton;

Equipment equipment;

Item item;
InventorySlot invSlot;

public bool isEquipped;

public void EquipItem(Item newItem, Equipment Equip)
    item = newItem;

		icon.sprite = item.icon;
		icon.enabled = true;
		removeButton.interactable = true;

public void ClearSlot()
    item = null;

    icon.sprite = null;
    icon.enabled = false;
    removeButton.interactable = false;


public void OnRemoveButton()
    //Remove from equipment slot


Equipment scripts:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

[CreateAssetMenu(fileName = “New Equipment”, menuName = “Inventory/Equipment”)]
public class Equipment : Item

public EquipmentSlot equipSlot; //Slot to store equipment in
public SkinnedMeshRenderer mesh;

public int armorModifier; // Increase/decrease in armor
public int damageModifier; //Increase/decrease in damage

public override void Use()

public void Equip()
    EquipmentManager.instance.Equip(this); // Equip it
    RemoveFromInventory(); // Remove from inventory


public enum EquipmentSlot { Head, Body, Face, Back, Waist, Hands, Weapon, Leg, Foot }

At first it is really confusing to have a script named EquipSlot and an enum named EquipmentSlot which has an instance named equipSlot.

About these references, it’s not entirely clear what you’re asking for. For classes that don’t inherit from MonoBehaviour you can reference them by making them Serializable, so you can edit instances via Inspector (with fields corresponding to them with [SerializeField] attribute or public), initialize all instances by calling the constructor in Start()/Awake() or keep them in a separate database object that would load corresponding data from a scriptable object or a data file (like xml/json). Classes inheriting from MonoBehavior should have other references attached with the inspector.