Can't figure out how to do stick deadzones

I want to apply a deadzone to a gamepad stick. Here’s how I do it:

  • In my input actions asset, I create a “Move” action. Of ActionType “Value” and ControlType “Any”

  • I add a binding to “Move” that binds it to /leftStick

  • On that binding I add a “Axis Deadzone” processor of min 0.5 and max 1

  • I save my asset

  • In the code, I get the value of my Move like this

Vector2 moveInput = InputActions.DefaultActionsMap.Move.ReadValue<Vector2>();

But the deadzone isn’t working, because my move stick is still super sensitive

What am I doing wrong?

There should be a processor called “Stick Deadzone”. If you can’t find it, try changing your control type to Vector2

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That was it! thanks