Cant find Android SDK Windows folder

Im trying to export my game to android, but when i export in unity it says that it can’t find the Android SDK Windows folder. (I have installed Android SDK)
Even outside unity i can’t find the folder. I tried reinstalling it but nothing changed.
Please help me!

I am running the program at work, where I have limited admin privileges. After much digging, I found the sdk hidden in the AppDatafolder (the folder itself was hidden). Yours might be hidden as well. If you want to look for AppData, but can’t find it, open explorer and type %appdata%, press enter. It will show the hidden files. Path will look like this;


Now that you have found the sdk, go back in to unity and click EDIT / Preferences / External Tools. You will see a field for Android SDK location - enter the path in that field.

I just made that change to my system here at work, and was finally able to build an Android .apk file