Can't find game object / script after scene re-enter

Hi. I’m developing a iOS game with Unity, and am currently trying to implement Unity’s IAP. I have a basic in game shop that’s inside another scene from the actual game scene. When I enter the shop scene for the first time, everything works marvelous. I can purchase objects, and while the transaction is ongoing, I hide my UI, and when it’s complete (or aborted), i show my UI again. This is the intended behavior.

If I now enter my main scene, the game itself, and then re-enter the shop scene and try purchasing another product, the UI hides, iAP is popping up as expected, but the UI stays hidden. This is my problem.

While debugging on iOS I’m getting a NullReference telling me it can’t find the UI.

I’m using SceneManager.LoadScene to switch between scenes. The Script that calls SceneManager.LoadScene is attached to a Game Manager object which gets recreated each time the user enters the scene(s)

Any help is much appreciated!

1 - Just a guess but perhaps something gets lost in between loading the scenes? Maybe you need to ask some object or scripts to DontDestroyOnLoad (More info here).

2 - Perhaps the names of the GameObjects are different the second time you enter the scene OR they’re called before the objects are instantiated again in the new scene OR the objects are disabled when you’re calling the GameObject.Find?

These are the usual suspects I had in mind. Best of luck!