Can't find material by name

I’m tring to play with material colors but when I try to find a specipic material (by name) i get null exceptions.
This is my code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class VehicleLight : MonoBehaviour {

	Material[] materialsArray;
	Color finalColor;
	Material material;
	void Start()
		this.materialsArray = this.GetComponent<Renderer> ().materials;
		foreach (Material material in materialsArray) {
			if ( == "BrakeLightsMaterial"){ 
                              this.material = material;  }
	void Update()
	      this.material.SetColor ("_EmissionColor", finalColor);

The object this script is attached to definitely has the material with this name and in materialsArray i do get the renderer’s materials.
but still, this.material = null

I think you’re getting the error because even though the name is “BrakeLightsMaterial”, when you use it on a unity object, it creates an instance of it and the name becomes

“BrakeLightsMaterial (Instance)”