Cant find my app on my mobile google play?

Hi, ive release already several version with differnt akp lvl, currently at 2.3 apk. I can see my app when im using web browser, yet it seem unavailable on my android mobile, with this notice of “unable to install this version”.
Why is that?
please help!

This means one of two things:

  1. Your device does not meet the minimum requirements for the game (its an ARMV6 for example or android 2.2)
  2. Your app specifies specific devices it supports or has a list of devices it does not support.

You can verify both things, as you had to set them up in the manifest or in the google play setup when you added the app to the google play store.

ok here my solution:

i had to change textures to ERC1. this enabled more devices to download.