Can't find my saved PlayerPrefs in Regedit win.7

I have a full laptop with win7 and pc with xp. the unity in xp is properly working. but in win 7 (which i really need most) i not working properly.

public void SaveCharData(){   
    GameObject popo = GameObject.Find("popo");    
    PlayerCharacter poClass = popo.GetComponent(); 
    PlayerPrefs.SetString("Name", poClass.Name); 

the unity has no error. yet its functioning well. but when i go to playerprefs. it is not saved. or whatever. What should be the problem here?

Additional: in playerprefs(xp) it is crowded with more keys than in playerprefs(win 7).

pls. help me. i’m needing 2 months to finish this project.

PlayerPrefs are saved in: