Can't find serialized field in Animation Window


I noticed a problem within Unitys animation window. Using the Add Property button does not show the fields of my class. The fields I want to see are actually fields of another serialized class and I think this might be the problem.

Here a reproducable example configuration in a complety new project.
I have two classes, FooFront and FooBack:

public class FooBack
    public float Test;

public class FooFront : MonoBehaviour
    public FooBack Foo;

The thing is, “Test” can of course be seen in the default inspector since it is serialized. But I cannot see it in the Animation Window. Only the Enabled field could be animated.

I tested this with the most recent version of Unity(5.6) and an older version (5.3).

Is it possible to get the field in the Backend class into the animation window? I need to animate the field “Test”. Is there maybe an attribute that I might missed?

In the Image above you are trying to access the float in the Animation tab, yet your question is about accessing the float in the Animator.

I don’t think that the float would be used during the creation of the animation so it shouldn’t be relevant in the Animation tab, but in the Animator tab you could use it to change between animations.