Can't find Universal Render pipeline in Package manager

So I recently upgraded my project from 2018 to 2019.4.25f1, and was excited to switch render pipelines.

I went on the documentation, and watched video tutorials of how to switch to Universal render pipeline. It says go to Package Manager> Universal Render Pipeline, then right click in assets, create> Rendering> Universal render pipeline asset, then hook it up in project settings. When I go to my package manager, it does not show up.

Did they rename it so something else? I tried searching for URP as well. Not sure why it isn’t coming up, I looked up the requirements for scriptable render pipelines, and it says URP is supported for 2019.4, am I missing something?

I also made a new project in the same verison of Unity, set it to URP template, and tried to cheat and copy over the URP asset, but my existing Project does not recognize it as a Render Pipeline Asset. It says Missing(Mono Script)

Any help would be appreciated

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,please refer this link :