Can't finish Basic Integration?


I successfully got my game to send the service data by going through the tutorial on the site. However, I can't seem to finish the Basic Integration phase of things so the Data Explorer doesn't work. It just says this:
"Your integration is incomplete. Please finish your integration to see report data."

What do I need to do to progress?

OK, looks like it is just an old-fashioned bug in Unity Analytics because it worked after I created a new project.

The project that doesn't work was created when Analytics first opened up and it looks like it's ProjectId has a different format than the new project. Maybe that has something to do with it.

That leads directly onto my next question: How do I delete a project?

Hey @tbg10101

Looks like our Integration Validator didn't capture an App Start from your original project. This event is critical to complete integration. This might be a bug on our side, as I see you have other events from our SDK queued up. I'll look into this.

Sorry for the confusion about the ProjectIds. We recently changed the format of IDs for new projects going forward to be a GUID. This shouldn't have caused that mixup I referred to though.

As for delete- on any of the Dashboard pages (Metric Monitor, Data Explorer, Funnel Analyzer, Segment Builder) you can access a page where you can delete your project by clicking on the project's name. See attached:

Hope this helps!

During the last step of validation I could see the App Start events coming through in the list when I pressed the play button but it was like they weren't being processed by the service properly after arriving.

Thanks or the delete tip.