Can't get and set native resolution

I want to run the game with 1920x1080 resolution, but the only options that are available in the menu are 1280x786 and 720x480. I tried to set 1920x1080 at runtime, but I get only 1280x786.

In another project I can get whole range of my monitor resolutions. So this is a problem of this particular project.

Neither 1280x786 nor 720x480 are common aspect ratios, those are some weird aspect ratios if you ask me.
Try going into the “Edit > Project Settings > Player” and under “Resolution and Presentation” open the “Supported Aspect Ratios” and make sure that 16:9 is ticked.
I would say that you have it only set to support “Other” aspect ratios.

Go to your build setting switch to pc mac and… Player Setting Resolution and settings untick Default is full screen (if ticked) and type default height and width what you want. Go to your Game panel and you can see your resolution too in that panel…