Can't get echo

Hello, guys.
I’m trying to create webGL game with mysql database.
I create a simple .php script:

require "./Libs/rb-mysql.php";
        '***', '***'); 	
	echo "Error";

$name = $_REQUEST['Name'];
$user = R::dispense('users');
$user ->name = $name;
echo "Пользователь $name зарегистрирован!";	

and Unity C# code:

    private IEnumerator Send()
        string userName = "Nickname";
        WWWForm wf = new WWWForm();
        wf.AddField("Name", userName);
        WWW www = new WWW("***/index.php", wf);
        Debug.Log("PHP3: ");
        yield return www;
        Debug.Log("PHP4: ");
        if (www.error != null)
            Debug.Log("Error: " + www.error);
        else {
            Debug.Log("Answer:" + www.text);            

The problem is that I can’t get any Debug.Log after "PHP3: ", so I don’t get “PHP4” and “Answer” or “Error”. However, a new user is added to the table if I run my Unity Project. And If I just use link to my index.php in browser, I see the answer and the adding into the table works as well.

Upd. Сan this be related to the http protocol?