Can't get GI to work in unity 5

Hello, i’ve received the Unity 5 pre-order beta. However, I can’t get GI to work. As you can see in the attached screenshot, i’ve ramped up the bounce intensity real high, so the red sphere should reflect it’s “redness” across the plane. I have tried with several different colors and objects. Also, self illuminating objects won’t work. The cube should have a green, very strong self illuminating light, but it doesn’t affect the scene.

I’ve looked at the tutorial video. As soon as they create a new scene there, they automatically have that light bounce, but I don’t. I have the new standard material and everything.

Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.

I would also be super-grateful if someone with Unity 5 could send a scene that works with GI for them, so I can check if i’m doing something wrong.


If I were to guess, I’d say you have forgot to make all your objects Static, for dynamic objects they can only pick up the gI from Light Probes a separate concern.

Yep, I’m seeing the same thing. You can get some results if you set all of your objects to static. Even with that, I noticed lots of weird unpredictable behaviors, such as bounce light always being white in color until a certain surface area threshold is reached (likely related to the GI lightmap size), and I could only get an emissive surface to contribute light once for about ten seconds before it stopped working.

Also, sadly, the tutorial videos are done using beta 10, while the version released for pre-order users is version 9. This means that some of the apparently critical UI items are missing (the entire “Lighting” tab is not present in b9). Additionally, some of the UI items that you can find don’t work. For instance, the ambient amount slider found in the scene render properties seems to do nothing.

Generally I think we’re seeing a beta version where the new lighting and shader feature set isn’t fully functional. Hopefully it works like the tutorial videos in beta 10!