cant get my android tablet to work with Unity remote

I have everything setup correctly (i think), I have the Android USB driver installed, I have the tablet’s drivers installed, Ive setup the developer preferences in the tablet (USB debugging, allow mock locales, stay awake); also I have another device that connects with Unity remote flawlessly to the same project (So I know for a fact that the project is setup correctly) yet this tablet doesn’t work with the unity remote.

I used ADB.exe tool that came with Android SDK and the device is not listed there for some reason so there should be the problem (between the device and the ADB), I don’t know what to do to make this work.

in the device manager the tablet is listed as “android phone/Android ADB interface”

The tablet is a BQ Maxwell plus.

Ok I contacted the Technic service of my tablet and they told me I had install a specific ADB server. This is the link in case someone has the same tablet (it also contains the USB drivers). You just need to replace the files at your android SDK platform tools folder (android-SDK/Platform tools) with the files in the tool folder or this file.

Restart ADB and it will be working