can't get my animation to change/update?

Hey yall, so - I’m working on a project, and one of the things you do there is fish.
everything works, no coding issues.

you walk up and start the fishing animation. it plays, finishes, replays, etc, til the fish are caught.

however, I realized when I made the animation that it doesn’t loop perfect.

so, I went to where I was making the animation, changed it so the end is the same as the start so it has a nice loop, saved it, went to my project, deleted the one there, and reimported.

however, it still seems to play… the old animation? how is that even possible? when previewing it I see the correct one but in-game it finishes with a jerky motion as before. am I missing something??

heading off to bed. will check in later. thanks in advance. ciao!