Can't get my particle system to collide with other objects

Hello, this is my first post here and i’m just doing it because i can’t find a way around this problem.
So, the issue is, i have an empty game object with a particle system child object attached to it. This particle system has it’s own children (4 of them), which are particle systems aswell. One of these particle systems, which i called “Shockwave”, has collision enabled (3D Mode) with a lifetime loss of 1, 0 bounce, min and max kill speeds of 0, collides with the “shootable” layer and sends collision messages.

The thing is, it simply doesn’t collide with ANYTHING, even if i set it to collide with everything. At first i thought it was an error with my script to receive the collision data, but even without the script its visible that it isn’t colliding with the other objects (if it were colliding, the particles should simply die on collision because of the parameters i set, right?).

I am also using a Horizontal Billboard for rendering.

I don’t get what is wrong, as i have already made two projectiles and their collisions work perfectly (i can get the point of collision, emit additional particles for impact effect, sound, add force, etc) but this one is failing no matter what i try.

I hope someone can help me with this : )
Thanks in advance.

Bump, i’m still having this problem… anyone has any ideas?