Can't get Oculus Go controller to interact with Canvas

I’m trying to use an Oculus Go controller to interact with a Unity canvas, and no matter I do I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried searching on Forums and Google and done everything they’ve said, read through Oculus’ developer blog, implemented it. I added the line rendered to see where it’s pointing, made sure it’s on the right physics layer, have the latest Oculus Utilities… Every time I think I get somewhere, there’s something else that stops me. I’ve been trying everything I can, could I possibly video chat with someone or something? Just so I could show what’s going on, it seems like so much to explain.


I in the same boat as you - but this may help - there is a link to YouTuber made Named Anthony VR that has made I think 5 or 6 videos “recently” regarding this subject - I hope this helps…check it out : Andrew - YouTube