Can't get Unity Pro Trial!!?! Seriously?

I got a fresh new out-of-the-box computer. First thing I do is download Unity and try to get Unity Pro 30-Day Trial, cuz I heard that’s good. But when I go to activate/register, it says I already HAVE a registered copy from April 8, 2012, so I can only get the free (crippled) version. Um, no, this is a fresh new machine and I never had Unity and this is July 1, 2012.

Is this a bug or is the Pro Trial no longer available or what?

Have you tried politely explaining your situation to Unity CS? They might be able to help you with another trial.

Sorry for answering rather than commenting, but this forum won’t let me comment today. Perhaps ‘cripple’ was too strong a word, sorry if I offended anyone. Fattie, I’m not just some kid wanting free free free, I understand value and I hope to make mods to sell in the asset store. I’m new to Unity and I have specific needs for an augmented reality app I want to build, some of which are not available except in Pro. And I will buy Pro, IF it satisfies my needs. So I want to try it. When I tried sending a message to unity it said there was a server error.