Can't get water texture to repeat. Just stretch

I know this has been asked before but either I am stupid or none of the solutions work.

My water looks good when it’s size 3x3 but if I stretch it to a sea the waves become very very large and the texture looks really bad.

I am using the Nighttime Simple Water from Standard Assets and haven’t done any changes. How do I scale it to a large ocean? Not a single change I do seems to affect anything else than wave velocity.

Do I really have to repeat the plane mesh 10,000,000 times to get a proper ocean? Surely theres a better way.

You would typically do this outside of Unity, in a 3d modelling program. There, you can still have the ocean mesh have only two triangles for one quad, but you can set the UV values in a way that makes the texture applied to the mesh repeat one or more times. Theoretically, it’s possible in Unity, too. Take a look at the Scripting API for the Mesh class and specifically the page for Mesh.uv.