Can't go into building because of collider around it

To set up the scenario, I have a building with a hole, a passageway if you will, bigger than the character. At the moment, the character is a cube. The character has a rigidbody and box collider. The building has a mesh collider and a rigidbody. I want the character to be able to just casually walk into the building and look at what is inside it.

My problem is that there is a collider around the entire building so I cannot walk straight into the passageway. I want to be able to walk into the hole, but I cannot find a collider that I can only apply to the walls and not the passageway.

How can I fix this so the passageway exists, the building has a collider (so stuff cannot just walk through the walls), and so the character can walk into the building without a problem?

it usually depends on the model that you use. when unity generates mesh colliders, it takes every object in it. use the transform tool and click on your passageway (assuming that your building isnt just one giant mesh) in the properties, disable or delete the mesh collider on the object. good luck :slight_smile:

I would break the mesh up into modular assets with separate collision. It will create a modular asset set that will allow you to build more than just one building. It will also allow you to figure out where your collisions are becoming problematic.