Can't grab object out of snap zone

Hi! I have a problem with snap zones (drop zones). I’m making a VR game. Right now, I have a sphere which is the zone where I can drop objects into, it snaps to the middle of this zone. I can drop objects in the zone, but I can’t grab them out of the zone. My hand just goes trough it, they don’t collide or see each other. The sphere has a sphere collider with trigger on and a XR Socket Interactor. The object (cube) I want to drop in the zone has XR Grab Intractable attached to it. Can someone help me please?!

Hi @andrei87radu

I was finding that when I used an XR Grab Interactable that I had to have the collider I’ve attached it to be a non-trigger collider. If I set the collider to be a trigger then it didn’t register my XR Ray Interactor entering it. This was not what I wanted because I wanted my interactable zone around the object to be larger than the object itself and not obstruct physics objects.

I eventually solved this by changing the Left Hand Controller & Right Hand Controller → XR Ray Interactor → Raycast Trigger Interaction to “Collide” (it defaulted to “Ignore”… why?).

Hope that helps.

Hey! Did you found the answer?