Can't hear Played Audio file in preview

I want to put Audio in my game , But when i play the audio file in preview window in Unity
i can not hear the sound. Please help !!!

There are a lot of reasons this might happen that I’ve seen around in the forums. My experience was that as soon as I tried to start a sound by actually clicking somewhere on the wavelength image instead of the play button in the preview window, I magically started hearing it play. I know you posted this a while ago so you may have solved it and moved on, but maybe this will help someone.

had the same issue. try this:

public AudioClip YourSound;

       audio.PlayOneShot(YourSound, 0.7F);

doing “PlayOneShot” helped fix my issue. can we see some code too?

make sure the object you want the sound to come from has an audio source with the audio file attached to it. and make sure you have a audio listener